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Selected Works

→ IronTracker
Athlete-tacking Android application
→ Investment Management iOS App
Concept for a native investment-management application
→ Backup Care Reservations
Multi-platform reservation application
→ Bonasa Flats Kennels
Client-managed site with a simple CMS
→ Sharepoint Intranet Redesign
Branding Sharepoint and ASP.NET
→ FSU Football Recruitment
Redesign for an American football recruitment site
→ Alumni Donation Site Concepts
College sports ticketing and alumni Resources
College Sports Ticketing Service
Small business promotional site
→ Miscellaneous Goods
Logos, brand guides, and others

Athlete Tracking Mobile Application

  • Android

Irontracker is an Android Application that functions as a location-aide for a spectator of the Ironman race. Users can view basic event data for any Ironman race around the world and upon purchasing a map of the event they can track individual athletes as they progress.

The app also focuses on helping the spectator stay busy, entertained, and fed by providing the functionality to plot venues, events, bars, coffee shops, and more on the race map. The app is currently in development so look for it soon, and tell your friends.

  • Highlights:
  • Native Android app to optimise response and functionality
  • Use of Google Map View and standard android controls with Irontracker overlay provides a familiar user experience
IronTracker Preview

Investment Management iOS App
Concept for a native investment-management application

  • ios

These comps for an established financial-advising organization came about by the client's desire to look more modern and user-friendly in the hopes of inspiring a change in brand perception and overall style. The directions were to brainstorm a look and feel for an application while maintaining the legally-required elements within every section.

  • Highlights:
  • Intuitive and clean interface elements provide a bit of a visual-break for the various data elements to be displayed, thus making the content more manageable for the user
  • Existing platform controls and capabilities leveraged to provide an intuitive, native experience
  • Colors were brightened from the original brand styles for a more refreshed and modern feel as well as to take further advantage of the device's vibrant high-resolution screens
Financial Application Concepts

Backup Care Reservations
Multi-platform Reservation Application

  • Android
  • iOS
  • website

This multi-platform application allows users to request an emergency caretaker for a family member without having to call a daycare center or visit a website. The app features native controls and intuitive navigation for Android, iOS and HTML5-capable devices.

Users are able to authenticate, view profile information, and in a few easy steps make a reservation for care based on preferred care centers or caregivers. Various client-requirements were taken into account and applied accordingly to assure a smooth experience while maintaining appropriate business logic.

  • Highlights:
  • Developed using Appcelerator Titanium
  • Native application for mainstream devices
  • OS-specific navigation patterns applied in all versions to enhance user efficiency and recognition.
Bright Horizons Preview

Bonasa Flats Kennels
Client-Managed Site with a simple CMS

  • Website

Comps for updated website with easy upkeep, great visual imagery, and an atmosphere that relates to the exceptional quality of the bredder's champion hunting dogs. The requirements were to allow the client to manage their content, images, and social presence without an agency or full-time designer on hand.

The client was presented with a set of visual elements to get them started and staff was trained on basic photo sharing, basic CMS information, and simple updates to their brand that may make them more successful in future marketing efforts.

  • Highlights:
  • Plenty of content up front to allow visitors easy-access without digging and yet allow full functionality to those who need more
  • Introduced Flickr as a simple photo-sharing resource for easy uploads of photos from mobile and desktop devices
Bonasa Flats Kennels Preview

Sharepoint Intranet Redesign
Branding Sharepoint and ASP.NET

  • website

This client wanted an updated dashboard-like view of content that was being buried at various levels of their site. Sharepoint proved difficult but not impossible to work with to achieve the client goals.

I assembled and reorganised the majority of the existing navigation into appropriate buckets, pulled out relevant search and input fields to place on the dashboard and arranged a potential KPI viewer to bring even more data to the user upon first glance.

Performance issues due to the amount of data present at one time and user adoption was a concern but has been well-received thus far.

  • Highlights:
  • Clean design with familiar iconography and labelling
  • Prominent search area allows easy multitasking for frequent users
  • Existing Sharepoint controls utilised and skinned appropriately
NHP Preview

FSU Footbal Recruitment
Redesign for an American Football recruitment site

  • website

FSU's football program needed an updated recruitment site to target potential future athletes and supporters. A key to converting prospects for the school was finding the appropriate tone and presentation method to reach their audience. My approach was to showcase their most dramatic and historic moments through strong photography along with edgy textures, simple type, and a 960 grid system for layout.

The site features current players and their biographical information, various interactive elements as well as a section to showcase the vast video library that the team has put together for online viewing.

  • Highlights
  • Texture and contrast in design elements were used to create an aggressive yet clean look.
  • HTML and Javascript for functionality and accessibilty optimization.
  • Google font API used for nicer, more legible fonts.
FSU Seminoles Preview

Alumni Donation Site Concepts
College Sport Ticketing and Alumni Resources

  • website

Both clients had similar requirements for their alumni donation collection sites: Ease of use, and quick conversion. Both schools wanted to publish content as well and were keen on basic social media integration.

  • Highlights:
  • Clean design focused on contrast and typography
  • Google Fonts used to add a modern touch
KU Ticketing Preview
College Sports Ticketing Service

  • website

The Jayhawks requested a unique alternative to their CBS Sports-provided template, and mentioned that they would want to manage the content once the site was live. With the content in each sport section being so brief, I wanted to avoid pagination and opted for a smooth-scrolling vertical site where each section was available by either manually scrolling or jumping by interacting with a link.

In addition to the information, the site presented the users with a Concierge to guide them through the ticket purchasing or donation processes.

  • Highlights:
  • Smooth-scrolling "tall" site with scrolling navigation that follows users as they explore the content
  • Wordpress-managed schedule and downloadable items toggle easily into various sections
KU Ticketing Preview
Small Business Promotional Site

  • website

This was a one-off site with content managed as needed, when the client requested it. The main focus was to establish a basic web presence and provide easy methods of contact for potential clients. By providing the client with a contemporary look and feel for his site, I was able to deliver a simple yet useful marketing tool to help grow his business.

Knowing that the majority of the company's business came from word of mouth advertising, I suggested a biography and some background information for people to learn something about the owner prior to doing business.

  • Highlights:
  • Modern feel with simple iconography and clear labelling
  • Optimised to function across all browsers down to IE7
Nutrilife Fitness Preview

Miscellaneous Goods

Brand guide, logos, illustration, etc...

  • Misc

Small collection of a few logos, and a portion of a brand guide. The majority of these are personal projects but some are relevant to my professional career.

Brand Guide Preview


I call myself a graphic designer first and foremost. I must admit it does impress the girls; I have skills and passions in many areas of computing, internet, design, usability and troubleshooting. Okay, I lied a little. I'm not passionate about troubleshooting but I seem to have a mind that's tuned to that sort of thing. The bit about impressing girls is true though; it happened once.


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