Cancer Survivors Network

CMS, HTML5, jQuery, IonicFramework, Web application

Role: User Experience Designer
Duration: Two-week "Hackathon"
Team size: 10 project team members

Our Atlanta office participated in a charity hackathon for a non-profit. We worked with the American Cancer Society to discuss their idea for a social-network of cancer survivors that was more attuned to their experiences than a typical social network or blog community. A key element in this concept was the journal and symptom tracking feature that allowed users to communicate with their healthcare providers without the overhead of various portal logins.

The project did not have a road-map or any real requirements other than the incorporation of the health logs and social elements. With the green-field project direction our team came up with a basic concept for the demo that included a user's profile, their contacts and chat logs, a health tracker, and a lightweight content management blog posting feature.

ACS Preview 1
ACS Preview 2
ACS Preview 3
ACS Preview 4
ACS Preview 5
ACS Preview 6
ACS Preview 7
ACS Preview 8