Inventory Management System

CMS, HTML5, jQuery, Angular JS

Role: Senior User Experience Designer
Duration: One year of onsite and remote work
Team size: 20+ project and client team members

During an organization-wide digital transformation effort our client requested a system capable of supporting posting schedules of coupons or promotions, setup and maintenance of online product tier structures, and various standard administrative content management features. I spent a little over a year working with the client to understand their business, their direction, and overall message to their customers.

Through in-person stakeholder and user interviews our team was able to gather requirements to create a thorough backlog. Colaborating with the development team allowed me to successfully establish a review process for the business team as well as a cadence for delivery and handoff of approved assets to QA, development, and product owner teams.

CMS Preview 1
CMS Preview 2
CMS Preview 3
CMS Preview 4
CMS Preview 7
CMS Preview 8
CMS Preview 9